• North Carolina Toyota Avalon hits 500,000 miles!


    If you’re a fan of the new Toyota Avalon in N Charlotte, get ready – we’ve got some pretty exciting news about this incredible sedan! It’s known in the automotive industry for its sleek style, its amazing technology both inside and under the hood, and its exceptional performance (you can find it with either a V6 engine and a hybrid system under the hood). We’re about to add one more attribute to the already long list: longevity! 

    The N Charlotte Toyota Avalon is incredibly reliable! 

    It recently came to light just how much longevity you can get out of a N Charlotte Toyota Avalon. Mike Lipperman, a resident of Greensboro NC, is the proud owner of a Toyota Avalon that just went past the 500,000 mile mark… with the original transmission and engine under the hood! Talk about a long life! 

    Lipperman bought the new Toyota back in 2001, and his daily work commute consists of about 60 miles each way, so it was relatively easy to hit this high mileage mark. He attributes the longevity and reliability of his car to routine auto service and a high quality product (did we mention you can get both of these at Toyota of N Charlotte?), noting that the only parts he’s had to replace have worn out because of normal wear and tear, like the timing belt. 

    Give your new Toyota Avalon a shot at a long and healthy life! 

    Want to see your new Toyota Avalon in N Charlotte reach the same high mileage mark? One step to take is to ensure you get routine auto maintenance as scheduled! This includes things like: 

    • Oil changes: Without oil changes (which get rid of dirty, gunky oil and replace it with clean oil that can lubricate the parts correctly), your engine risks overheating and even seizing up. Talk about an expensive repair… make sure you schedule regular oil changes for your car! 
    • Belt replacement: It’s important to keep an eye on belts and hoses under the hood of your new Toyota Avalon! Lipperman noted that he had to replace his timing belt, which is usually a normal part of upkeep when your car hits around the 100,000 mile mark. Replacing it in a timely manner can help you avoid lots of damage and subsequent strain on your wallet! 
    • Tire rotations: Think about your running shoes – if they’re worn out and don’t fit properly, it affects your performance. Same goes for your car’s tires! Make sure they’re always filled, rotated, balanced, and replace them as needed to help maintain that stellar performance and prevent damage to other parts of the vehicle. 
    • Battery replacement: You will need to replace your battery at some point, but don’t stress. Our N Charlotte Toyota Service Center can check and replace your battery for you in no time, and we offer a great selection of batteries to give you the choices (and level of affordability) you need! 

    Want more tips on how to give your new Toyota Avalon a longer life? Visit Toyota of N Charlotte at 13429 Statesville Road in Huntersville, just off I-77 at exit 23. See you soon! 

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