SPONSORED: What do you need to consider before starting your own custom Toyota car?

Custom cars are about as good as it gets if you’re someone who appreciates automobiles. Cars that have rolled off the assembly line are great - especially if they’re N Charlotte Toyotas - but being able to design and drive a car that truly reflects you right down to the smallest detail is a dream come true for someone who’s passionate about vehicles. However, the process isn’t as simple as it may seem and Toyota of N Charlotte is here to guide you along the way. Check out our top tips for starting your custom Toyota car!

4 tips for building a custom Toyota car

Tip #1: Start with the foundation - decide on the vehicle you actually want to customize. And remember, some models are easier than others to work with. Some cars were designed to be customized - take the N Charlotte Toyota 86 or Toyota Supra, for example. There are tons of custom parts, accessories, and other components that can be added into the mix and this will make your design process a lot easier. Other cars might not be so easy to customize, especially the older they are and the harder (and more expensive) it is to find OEM or even aftermarket parts for them.

Tip #2: Consider what you want the END product to look like in terms of a theme or just a general design. A lot of cars look great to begin with but you can drastically alter their appearance when you turn them into custom Toyota cars. That being said, you don’t want to just buying parts at random and slapping them on the car. Be sure to be thoughtful about your purchases and plan them in accordance with your final vision of what your custom Toyota car will look like.

Tip #3: Your budget needs to be considered, too. How much are you willing to spend when all is said and done? This includes money for both parts and accessories AND labor if you’re not able to install them yourself. Don’t jump into a custom Toyota car project without at least considering the budget - you could find yourself in way over your head with a half-finished car.

Plot out your budget ahead of time and make sure you track your expenditures along the way.

Tip #4: Think about how much of it you could realistically do on your own. Everyone knows that whether you’re creating a custom Toyota car, getting repairs, or even just getting routine maintenance, the bulk of the cost is the labor. If you can do any of the labor yourself, you could save some money and be able to divert it elsewhere. Assess your skill level and decide which parts of your custom Toyota car you’re going to DIY.

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