• Secret route to Charlotte Motor Speedway


    TRAFFIC TEAM 9'S SECRET ROUTES TO CHARLOTTE MOTOR SPEEDWAY:  Okay folks, remember, this is a secret. From Charlotte, take I-85 North past Bruton Smith Blvd./Exit 49. Remember to stay in the far left lane to avoid all the stopped traffic trying to get off at Bruton Smith Blvd. Take the next exit, Poplar Tent Rd./Exit 52, and turn right. Almost immediately, turn right onto Pitts School Rd., and then turn right onto Highway 29. This is a "backdoor" entrance to the Speedway, in an area the DOT says rarely sees raceday congestion. You'll get to the parking lots much more quickly.

    Another trick is to take Highway 49 (University City Blvd. in Charlotte) to Morehead Rd. in Harrisburg.  Highway 49 rarely experiences congestion on race day and traffic on Morehead Rd. is much-lighter than on Bruton Smith Blvd.  Morehead Rd. provides access to the south side of the Speedway.

    For current updates on raceday traffic, click here.

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    Secret route to Charlotte Motor Speedway