• Action 9: Woman says education tax credit was delayed

    By: Don Griffin


    Patricia Reid’s son leaves next month for college, and she needs every dollar.

    “Times are hard,” she said.

    That includes the $240 state education tax credit she filed in February that hadn’t arrived.

    “It’s not a whole lot, but it will help me get him things that he needs for college,” Reid said.

    She said state Department of Revenue workers told her for several months they couldn't find her amended return.

    “I said, ‘Look on the last page of the return and you will see the amended part,’” Reid said.

    Then, Reid said, a supervisor called to apologize, saying they found it and promised she'd have her check by late August. But there was still nothing, she said.

    “I had given up all hope of getting it, I really had, until my son said, ‘Get in touch with Don Griffin,’” Reid said.

    So Action 9 immediately got in touch with the state. A spokesperson couldn't explain the delay, but said they would send Reid’s check right away.

    Within days, she got an envelope in the mail with a check for $243.

    “Action 9, y’all are the best. Thank you so, so much because without you, I would not have this at all,” Reid said.

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    Action 9: Woman says education tax credit was delayed