• Action 9: Woman wants deposit after changing mind about blinds

    By: Jason Stoogenke


    LANCASTER COUNTY, S.C. - A woman wanted blinds for her windows, trusted a company her friend recommended, but then changed her mind and wanted her $1,000 deposit back.

    When she had trouble getting that refund, she turned to Action 9, which got it back and offered a lesson for other homeowners.

    Marilyn Adair said she has lupus.

    "I was sick every day. I was pretty much bedridden every day," she said.

    So she left busy city life and moved to Lancaster County for fresh air.

    "It's made some difference," Adair said.

    She bought a house and wanted blinds for privacy. Her friend suggested Monroe Blinds.

    Adair put down $1,000, but she and the owner, Juan Alzate, had a falling-out.

    She asked for her money back and when that didn't happen, Adair said she told Alzate, "Maybe I should get in touch with WSOC-TV."

    Alzate showed Action 9 plantation shutters, ones he said he made to fit Adair's windows and spent money making, but probably can't re-sell because they are custom-made.

    He said Adair's not entitled to a refund, but he agreed to give her money back.

    "I was elated," Adair said.

    Her words of advice: Even if someone recommends a business, do your own homework.

    "Just because somebody referred a business to you, (doesn't mean you shouldn't) shop around," she said.

    She ended up buying blinds from Home Depot and she said it's a better fit for her.

    Alzate has advice, too.

    He said people buy homes, get excited and want to decorate.

    But they need to think about what they can afford before they put down a deposit.

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