• Police: Couple high on bath salts fire gun into the air


    GASTON COUNTY, N.C. - Families on Southbrook Drive in Kings Mountain said they finally got peace, when their neighbors were arrested this morning.

    Police said Donna and Phillip Walls were high on the synthetic drug known as bath salts yesterday. 

    Donna Walls called 911 and said gang members were after them, according to police.

    "There are people under our house . . . They were there yesterday and last night," said Walls on the 911 call.

    Neighbors said the couple came outside with a military bag full of weapons.

    Neighbor Debra Robinson said, "they were delusional.  They really thought somebody was out to kill them."

    Police said Donna Walls fired about seven gunshots in the air. Neighbors said there were children outside at the time. 

    The couple then ran across the street to the Robinsons' home.

    "They knocked in the glass door," said neighbor Richard Robinson.

    Police said they forced their way inside.

    Richard said, "I knew if they ran to me they needed help."

    Robinson is a pastor and said he knew God would protect them.

    "I was little afraid, don't get me wrong, but even in that state of mind , He had enough presence to ask me to pray for him," said Richard.

    The pastor asked them to hand over the weapons. Richard told the couple, "'you are in my house. You know you are safe. Ain't nobody gonna hurt you. Just give me the guns."

    The couple handed Richard the weapons.

    Police said they have been to the Walls' house before and they say the couple has a history of using bath salts. But this is the first time their drug use became dangerous to others.

    They spent the night in the hospital before going to jail.

    Some neighbors told WSOC-TV they hope the courts will keep the Walls' from returning home. They go before a judge in district court Wednesday.

    That judge could limit where they live, who they see, where they go and if they make bond.

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