Police: 4 face charges in suspected drug ring linked to local high school

4 accused of selling drugs to students at Lake Norman High School

LAKE NORMAN, N.C. — Four people are facing drug charges and a fifth is expected to turn himself in Wednesday in a suspected drug ring linked to Lake Norman High students.

Deputies have been talking with a fifth suspect's parents to bring an end to their major drug investigation surrounding Lake Norman High School.   Investigators expect the fifth suspect, a 15-year-old, to turn himself in Wednesday.

Eyewitness News learned Tuesday that a two-month-long investigation by Iredell County sheriff's deputies uncovered a serious drug operation.

Authorities were tipped off after a 911 call about an off-campus party.

Deputies said a student had taken LSD and got into a fight with deputies. That student later gave investigators everything they needed, including the names of the suspected dealers.

Deputies later arrested Daniel Brown, Denise Mingle, Thomas Wykoff and Elliott Ziegler.

Mingle is Ziegler's mother.

Deputies are waiting on a 15-year-old suspect who they said was a key dealer for students at Lake Norman to turn himself in.

The Sheriff's Office did point out that none of the undercover operations happened on school property.

Right now, they're planning on helping Lake Norman High School students and staff with drug education programs.