• 8-year-old suspended after bringing toy guns on school bus

    By: Kathryn Burcham


    ANSONVILLE, N.C. - An 8-year-old elementary student who was facing expulsion for bringing two toy guns on the school bus will be allowed to return to school on Monday. 

    Landon Jeffrey, a third-grader at Ansonville Elementary School, has been on suspension since the incident last week .

    "He's had enough suspension time. I think it's extreme, pretty extreme," said Maryann Jeffrey, the boy's mother.

    Landon said he had forgotten the wooden and plastic toy guns were in his backpack until he was on the bus ride home.

    "I reached for a book. I had no idea until it fell out," Landon said.

    Landon said he knows he made a mistake but believes he has learned his lesson and is anxious to get back to class.

    "Are we extreme? I mean, we are following the policy," said Superintendent Dr. Greg Firn.

    Firn said the district has a clear policy on weapons and purported weapons, although he admitted the guns were clearly toys and that no student was in any danger.

    He said administrators are investigating what the students' intent was in bringing the toys on the bus.

    "We want that student back in school. We want that child progressing as they are right now and being successful," Firn said.

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