Action 9 offers tips on how to save on streaming services and subscriptions

CHARLOTTE — One way to save money with the holidays coming up is to take a close look at all the streaming services you subscribe to.

According to the research group Nielson, the average household has three subscriptions and pays $20 to $30 for streaming services each month.

Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke is offering ways to keep your favorite movies, shows, and sports without throwing money away.

Start by making a list of all the streaming services you’re paying for; this includes music platforms as well, such as Spotify.

After reviewing the list, cancel the ones you do not use.

Then take note of the most expensive streaming service you have left and consider only going with one of them at a time.

Binge your favorite, drop the subscription, and do the same with the next one.

Also, review each service’s terms and conditions to see how much you can share without breaking the rules.

And don’t forget about free trials. Even if you can’t binge everything you want in the time allowed, it may still prevent you from bleeding over into an extra month to finish a show you like.

Most households speak often about “cutting the cord.” While you may be able to save a lot that way, sometimes switching to cable could be the answer.

Cable may be cheaper for the same things you watch. Just remember, dropping streaming services is usually easier than dumping cable.

You can also give some of the free platforms a try, such as Freevee, Pluto, and Tubi.

And don’t forget TV the old-fashioned way. You should be able to receive your major channels, like Channel 9, with an antenna, and it may only cost you $25 to $30.

This could be especially helpful if you want live sports without paying for the pricier plans you usually need to watch them.

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