Action 9: Wedding videographer didn’t deliver, couples say

CHARLOTTE — Several couples said they paid a videographer thousands of dollars to have their weddings documented so they can relive those special moments for years to come. However, they said the person they hired has not delivered what they paid for.

Elise Avery, Dana Kennedy Lemon and Kala Nwachukwu all hired Charles Morgan with Tyson & Lenox Films. Avery said she paid $3,250 and Nwachukwu said she paid $3,200 for his services.

Kennedy Lemon, who got married in Jamaica, said Morgan agreed to shoot and edit video of her wedding for free so he could get more experience doing destination weddings, if she paid for his trip. She said his trip cost her more than $2,100.

The brides said Morgan was supposed to give them each a movie of their wedding within 70 days of their event, but that he did not follow through.

Kennedy Lemon said her video was due Jan. 14, 2020. Avery said hers was due this year on July 9 and Nwachukwu said hers was due Aug. 20.

“Just getting nothing, being empty-handed, it’s devastating,” Avery told Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke. “The videographer was the most important wedding vendor to me. To be able to look at that video over and over again was just everything to me and he knew that.”

Kennedy Lemon said Morgan hasn’t given her a video of her big day. Avery and Nwachukwu said he gave them a short video, similar to a trailer, but that was it.

“You are victimizing people on a day that’s already stressful, a day that’s sacred, a day that’s special. And to not be able to relive those memories and beg for something that you’ve paid for and that you were owed is very frustrating,” Nwachukwu said.

Avery said that after Action 9 got involved, Morgan finally gave her a 10-minute movie, but that someone else edited it and it wasn’t the same quality she expected.

Morgan emailed Stoogenke and stated: “I have been behind in my work over the summer. A lot of normal bookings along with COVID reschedules has me very, very behind.” He added that he had stopped booking for the rest of the year until the backlog is completed.

“There is no ill intention with this work being delayed,” he wrote.

He told Stoogenke that he would deliver at least two of the movies this month. The couples’ only recourse may be the small claims court.

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