• Action 9: What you need to know about flood insurance

    By: Jason Stoogenke

    CHARLOTTE, NC - Homeowners and renters insurance cover wind and wind-driven rain, but they don't cover flooding.
    You have to pay extra for flood coverage. Even if you don't live in a floodplain, you may want to consider getting it. However, flood insurance takes 30 days to take effect.   So it won't help you in time for Irma.
    Anyone can buy flood insurance, not just people in floodplains. But -- this is key -- flood insurance takes 30 days to kick in. So it won't help you in time for Hurricane Irma.
    If you already have flood insurance, remember it only covers up to $250,000 on your home and $100,000 on its contents, even if your home and belongings are worth more.
    But there is some good news. Even if your home isn't covered in a flood, your vehicle should be if you have comprehensive auto insurance.  
    In the meantime, the Better Business Bureau says read whatever policies you have carefully. Check on your deductible and know what your homeowners, renters, auto, or even boat policies do and don't cover.

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