• Action 9: Woman says someone made changes to her life insurance policy

    By: Don Griffin


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A woman said that someone made changes to a life insurance policy that she bought after she had signed it. She said because of it, she lost out on money.

    Dorthy Ervin said she took out a $30,000 whole life insurance policy eight years ago for her son John. Then in May, she learned it hadn't built up any cash value as it was designed.

    "They told me there was no cash," said Ervin.

    Ervin said the union bankers insurance told her it was because she had a term life policy, not whole life. She said her agent changed the application after she signed it, and then forged her name approving the change.

    "This is my signature right there, this is someone else's, it's not mine," said Ervin, "He never called me, he never asked me if I wanted it done."

    Ervin could have discovered the change years ago if she'd done one simple thing.

    "I didn't really read the policy when I first got it like I know I should have," said Ervin.

    Ervin said a letter from the company's president thanking her for buying the whole life policy made her believe that she didn't need to read it.

    Dorothy complained to the NC Department of Insurance and Action 9. We both contacted union bankers. While it didn’t respond to us, union bankers at the department’s request, refunded Dorothy’s premiums totaling $2,040.

    Her warning? If you're buying insurance, don't make her mistake.

    "Just read it over and check it out to see what you are getting," said Ervin.

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    Action 9: Woman says someone made changes to her life insurance policy