• Aqua North Carolina requests 19 percent rate increase


    NORTH CAROLINA - Aqua North Carolina is asking state regulators for a 19 percent rate hike, which could cost customers up to $120 more per year.

    It is the third rate case in the past five years for the state's biggest water provider. If it is granted by the utilities commission, a typical Aqua water customer would see an increase of about $10 per month.

    This would affect about 88,000 customers in 52 counties across the state.

    Customers in Mint Hill were upset with the water company after, they said, their water turned dark brown in color.

    Aqua North Carolina is the exclusive water provider in the Ashe Plantation subdivision. Neighbors said they were concerned about drinking discolored water.

    The company's president said despite the color, the water is safe because of filters they attached to neighborhood wells.

    The company's president Tom Roberts said there are three reasons for the hike: operating expenses have gone up, they're investing in more infrastructure, and customers are buying more energy-efficient appliances and using less water.

    Local groups are expected to pack public hearings and stage protests against the proposed hike.

    Watch Eyewitness News at 10 and 11 to see how Aqua's prices compare to other water companies in the area.

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