Small business owners adapt to supply chain woes during pandemic

CHARLOTTE — Business owners are having their share of problems getting merchandise to sell during the supply shortage.

“I pour a lot of what most people would take home as a paycheck right back into the business,” said Michelle Castelloe, owner of Betty by Moxie Mercantile.

Castelloe grew her business from two to four stores during the pandemic.

However, supply chain issues are making her dreams more challenging.

She ordered dresses from India in August, and they just arrived to her store so she can sell them.

“The biggest thing is to re-budget everything,” Castelloe said. “You plan out a budget based on supplies that are available and then you have to change your budget because you have to pay for expedited shipping or orders get canceled.”

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Billy Tran is part of a family that has operated Giant Penny for 32 years.

“Lately things have gotten a little bit better,” Tran told Channel 9. “Before last month, we were struggling.”

Tran said he’s never seen a climate like this.

The new COVID-19 variant, omicron, is making many business owners concerned that it could slow down their financial recovery.

“One of the things it could do is suspend production in different parts of the world and also continue to gum up the supply chain even worse,” economist Connel Fullenkamp said.


Teresa Hernandez is the owner of Pura Vida and buys merchandise from all around the world.

“These African Santa ornaments that I ordered back in July,” she said. “Typically, I can get them in a couple of weeks, but they just came in this past Saturday.”

Hernandez has been dealing with supply chain issues for more than a year, long before it was common knowledge. She has learned to think ahead.

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“I have been ordering extra just to make sure I can get it because I may not be able to get it a second time,” Hernandez said.

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