Charleston church shooting victim's brother speaks out about Texas church tragedy

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — It’s been two years since Malcolm Graham’s sister was killed in Charleston’s Emmanuel AME church.

Graham’s sister, Cynthia Hurd, was one of nine people shot and killed by Dylann Roof.

Graham said he relived all the pain from her death when he learned about this latest massacre at another church.

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“It’s like you being in a war and go and shoot up a medical hospital,” Graham said. “There’s just no common decency. I think that’s what’s lacking in our country.”

After the Charleston church shooting, Graham received dozens of notes and letters giving condolences for his sister’s death.

"Just a ton of stuff from all over the country," Graham said.

He said now he’s thinking about sending a letter of his own to the victims in Texas.

He hopes the latest massacre will shake gun control laws. He said he's frustrated even more innocent families are now suffering.

"I would just encourage the family and the community to be strong and to speak out," he said.

Graham worries that society will become numb to the heartache and the violence before anything changes. 
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