• Charlotte businesses hope governor-elect brings business to area

    By: Linzi Sheldon


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Some local small business owners and business leaders believe having a former mayor of the Queen City in the governor's office will help Charlotte.

    Governor-elect Pat McCrory, who left Charlotte for Raleigh Wednesday night, was mayor from 1995 to 2009.

    He will be the first Republican governor since James Martin left office in 1993.

    He will also be the first governor from Mecklenburg County since Martin.

    Arthur Pue, who is vice-president of Engineering Sales Associates, voted for McCrory.

    His company, which his family owns, provides equipment like air compressors to manufacturing facilities.

    Pue said he likes how McCrory has touted manufacturing in North Carolina.

    "I think he's going to do a lot for small businesses like ours as governor," he said.

    Pue also likes that McCrory wants to reduce the corporate and personal income tax rates, which he says would help his company grow.

    Bob Morgan, president of the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce, said tax reform like that would help recruit companies to the area. He believes McCrory's experience as mayor will be good for the Queen City.

    "We now have somebody in the office who wakes up every morning knowing what the unique challenges are in Charlotte," he said.

    McCrory was quick to tell crowds on Wednesday that he won't be playing favorites.

    "There's been no area of the state, including this area, that's been promised more attention than any other area," he said.

    Pue believes there are some roadblocks in the way.

    President Barack Obama said he's cut taxes for small businesses 18 times and provided easy access to affordable loans.

    Pue fears the president's plan to raise taxes on higher income individuals will hurt businesses like his because many report their income on personal tax returns.

    "It terrifies me, absolutely," he said. "We pay high enough taxes as it is."

    White House officials said that the president's plan to let the Bush tax cuts expire would only affected those earning more than $250,000.

    They quoted estimates by Tax Policy Center that say about 97 percent of taxpayers reporting business income would not be impacted by the president's tax proposals.

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