Charlotte woman starts Twitter to help families find baby formula

CHARLOTTE — The first sign of relief for parents in the U.S. came Sunday when planes packed with baby formula landed in Indianapolis. They had landed from Switzerland as part of the Biden Administration’s Operation Fly Formula.

That formula is heading for hospitals and health clinics first. But what are other parents in our area supposed to do in the meantime?

A Charlotte woman started a Twitter account to help families looking for baby formula in stores around Charlotte amid the shortage.

Suzanne Young does audits and merchandising in stores all over Charlotte. When she heard about the formula shortages, she knew she had to help.

Young’s children are adults now, but as a mother, she said she can’t imagine how stressful this time must be for parents of young children.

“It struck me when I thought back when my children were babies -- and if that happened to me, I just know how horrible it would have been,” Young said.

Young is hoping people will send her photos of stocks at stores in the Charlotte area so she can retweet them and save families a trip. She uses the Twitter account @BabyFormulaCLT to share the photos.

Young said she hopes the account will serve as a reality check for people who don’t realize what parents are going through amid the shortage.

“A lot of times everything is so divisive right now, but this is something that we can all do together,” Young said.

She said she had even gotten a message from someone who joined Twitter just to help with her mission.

She added she’s hoping her Twitter account doesn’t last long, because she hopes the formula shortage is over in just a few weeks.

Follow Young on Twitter for updates on where you can possibly find baby formula.

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