Clover School District implements ‘modified’ schedule similar to year-round school

CLOVER, S.C. — Students in the Clover School District will be experiencing some major changes to their schedules this fall.

District leaders voted in favor of what they call a modified, balanced calendar for the 2023-2024 school year.

This means that classes will start earlier in the year on Aug. 8

The district said it will add two more school breaks to the calendar, a fall intercession in October of 2023 and a winter intersession in February of 2024.

School leaders said they hope the additional breaks will help enhance student performance.

“We hear a lot about mental health. This allows people to step back and step away from it. Reset things so very positively. Good feedback from parents when we reached out,” Bryan Dillion with the school district said.

Parent Carlee Lane told Channel 9 that she has mixed feelings about the new calendar.

“I feel bad for some moms that are complaining, that aren’t married and have no one to watch kids or pay for additional child care. Then there are other moms like me, who work from home and have help from a spouse,” Lane said.

In a survey, the district said a majority of parents voted in favor of this calendar change.

They also believe this new structure will give teachers more time away from the classroom to destress, as well as allow students who have fallen behind to catch up.

“If you’re missing some assignments, you can come in. If you need some support, you can come in. We will have some staff available on-site during those weeks to do that, but students will be off as well,” Dillion said.

District leaders said at least 10 other school districts in South Carolina already have this type of calendar. Clover will be the first district in York County.

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