Decision coming soon on stalled Eastland Yards project?

CHARLOTTE — Malcolm Graham told a community group this week that he hopes city government will approve an agreement next month for Eastland Yards.

Graham, a City Council member and head of its economic development committee, reiterated that goal during an interview with CBJ following his appearance at the Sarah Stevenson Tuesday Forum.

“I think we’re at a point where council can say yes or no to it,” he said. “And I want to say yes to it. We own it. We bought it. And now it’s time to complete the circle on that.”

City government bought the 80-acre shuttered Eastland Mall site in 2012 and demolished the property a year later. Crosland Southeast is currently underway on a development project at the site, now known as Eastland Yards.

What’s left to be determined is the remaining 29 acres, previously planned to be the headquarters for Major League Soccer team Charlotte FC. In September, council recommended that two rival bidders for the 29-acre site’s development rights collaborate, and an update on those talks is expected in August.

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