• Man sentenced to life in prison for killing of 3 people


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Justin Hurd, the man convicted of killing three people has been sentenced to life in prison.

    The defense rested its case Thursday and it only took the jury 10 minutes to come back with the sentencing.

    During closing arguments, the defense apologized for the horror the jurors and the victims’ families had to endure during the triple-murder trial, and they asked that the killing stop.

    They said if given life in prison, Hurd could help other prisoners with his math skills.

    The State argued that Hurd was old enough to know right from wrong and the crimes he committed were heinous, cruel and atrocious, and he needs to pay.

    "Define this as the brutal inhuman act that it is. Define it. I recommend the defendant receives the harshest punishment possible -- the death penalty,” said District Attorney Clayton Jones.

    Hurd's defense team put his family members on the stand Wednesday to try to keep the jury from sentencing him to death.

    His uncle said he always had good grades and never got into trouble.    

    Hurd, who was found guilty of first-degree murder, kidnaping and arson, chose not to take the witness stand on his behalf.

    The state was seeking the death penalty.

    Earlier Thursday, a corrections expert testified how the prison system and environment would affect Hurd.

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    Man sentenced to life in prison for killing of 3 people