Doses to Doors: New initiative brings COVID vaccine access to neighbors who may not have it

CHARLOTTE — With COVID-19 vaccine efforts moving at a slow pace, officials in Mecklenburg County are looking for ways to get the shot into more arms.

In Mecklenburg County, only about 46% of people are fully vaccinated. The health department is trying to get that number up with a new program – Doses to Doors – where they bring the vaccine directly to you.

Mecklenburg County Medical Director Meg Sullivan told Channel 9 that the initiative brings access to people who may not have it.

“The idea of really going and having those individual conversations with individuals about the vaccine as well as bringing the vaccine to someone’s home, that’s how they’ll get vaccinated,” Sullivan said

The Biden Administration said this is the best approach for anyone who may be reluctant to get the vaccine, with Vice President Kamala Harris taking that message across the country.

And volunteers are answering the call.

Currently, the county is focused on neighborhoods with lower vaccination rates, including along Remount Road in west Charlotte.

“Literally seven days a week, around the clock, has been put into our vaccine response,” Sullivan told Channel 9. “If this is the only way we can vaccinate these individuals, then it’s worth it.”

But it may not prove to be the successful mission the county is looking for. Already, many residents said they’re either vaccinated or not interested -- even with incentives like a cash prize.

But Sullivan said that just challenges them to think outside the box.

“It just continues to force us to be creative, to be innovative, to have those conversations, and to continue to try everything that we can because it’s too important to stop now,” she said.

The county is tracking the numbers closely and said it will continue the program until the numbers plateau.

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