East Charlotte apartment complex ignores tenant complaints about 'unlivable conditions'

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Some east Charlotte apartment tenants call their homes dangerous and unlivable.

One resident at the Heritage Park Apartments said part of her ceiling collapsed on her head while she was in the shower.

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Those livid residents told Channel 9 about their concerns.

They led reporter Stephanie Tinoco through their homes with moldy bathrooms, faulty appliances and unsafe conditions.

“See all that fell out on me,” said resident Shielie Anderson, whose ceiling dropped on her in the shower. "It fell on me. My boyfriend found me."

Anderson said she voiced her complaints to management but claims management has done nothing about it.

“I kept going to them numerous, numerous, numerous times,” she said.

Anderson isn’t the only tenant complaining about the deplorable living conditions.

“They never fix it,” tenant Cesar Salgado said.

“Black mold splatters out of here,” tenant Jameshia Moore said.

Multiple tenants told Channel 9 their units have a wide range of issues, while the rent is increasing, but none of their issues are getting resolved.

Salgado said he's had to drop his health insurance because his rent increased $200.

But the biggest concern is their safety.

Salgado said a bullet pierced the wall over his head while he was eating dinner.

Residents planned on voicing their concerns to management during a community meeting Friday.

Before the meeting, Channel 9’s phone calls to apartment managers went straight to voicemail.

And 15 minutes before closing time, the leasing office door was already locked.

Moments later, the property manager kicked Channel 9 off the property and said she didn’t have a comment.

"It's hurtful because they're trying to neglect us,” Anderson said.

After the meeting, a couple of residents said they are disappointed the manager did not attend.

Residents are planning to file complaints with Code Enforcement.