FAA investigates drone flown over Panthers game

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Police questioned a man who flew a drone over the Bank of America Stadium on Aug. 17 during the Panthers-Chiefs game.

The unmanned aircraft system, or drone, had a camera mounted on it as it flew over the NFL game, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department said.

The CMPD turned the investigation over to the Federal Aviation Administration that released a statement that said, "The FAA is investigating a report it received from local law enforcement about an unmanned aircraft operating over Bank of America Stadium during an NFL game on Aug. 17."

It’s illegal to fly an unmanned aircraft system near the stadium because it’s close to Charlotte Douglas International Airport and is therefore in a Class-B airspace where drones are prohibited, according to the FAA.

Flying over the sporting event may also violate more regulations since the NFL is also involved.

“I think it’s crazy on the security part,” resident Fred Rose said.

“That’s really weird,” Kelley Vincent, a citizen, said. “They should tighten their security.”

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