Family pushing for answers one year after Lowell man disappears

LOWELL, N.C. — One year after a local man vanished without a trace, his family is still pushing for answers.

Sammy Davis came from a troubled home and Felicia Davis Wilson’s family took him in when he was a teenager after meeting at church. The two have been close ever since. She calls him “Chip” and big brother.

“He taught me how to drive and once you met Chip, you met a friend for life,” Davis Wilson said.

Davis Wilson said in early October of 2020, Chip stopped answering his phone and hasn’t been seen since.

“He would always check in with us,” she said. “We always saw him for holidays.”

She said Chip has an issue with addiction, but he was always a part of her life. She said she knows for a fact that something isn’t right and Lowell police agree.

“We do suspect foul play at this time,” Lowell Police Captain Carl Moore said.

Moore said he can’t reveal why they suspect something bad has happened to Chip but said he vanished from the home he shared with a housemate during the pandemic, when everyone’s focus was on COVID.

“Right now, we are at a standstill. We are pleading with the public,” Moore said.

Davis Wilson and her family are also desperate for answers.

“We deserve to know something,” she said. “We deserve closure and we deserve an answer.”

If you’ve seen Davis or know where he is, police ask that you call the Lowell Police Department.

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