Harmful algae found in Lake Wylie; here’s what you need to know

LAKE WYLIE, S.C. — UPDATE: Mecklenburg County Officials reported on Wednesday that new tests show no harmful algae identified in two coves on Lake Wylie.

Earlier Coverage

Two coves on Lake Wylie aren’t safe to swim in after harmful algae blooms were found, according to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services on Monday.

Storm Water Services says “active harmful algae blooms” were detected Monday in a cove just north of Strollaway Road and another cove between Strollaway and Red Fez Club roads. Crews got a tip from a nearby resident about bright green water with surface scum in the coves.

Officials with Storm Water Services say most algal blooms aren’t harmful, but some species of algae can produce toxins linked to severe illnesses in humans and animals if ingested.

Storm Water Services says you can’t tell whether or not a bloom is harmful just by sight, so your best bet is to avoid swimming, boating, kayaking, skiing, or wading through the water. You should also avoid touching mats of algae, and don’t ingest the water or use it for washing or irrigation.

So what happens if you do come in contact with a harmful algae bloom? Storm Water Services says to wash thoroughly, and seek medical care if a child, adult, or animal appears ill after coming in contact with the water.

Officials say they’ll give a heads-up when the blooms aren’t present in the water at Lake Wylie, and we’ll update this story when the algae has cleared.

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