Harris Teeter pulls controversial koozies from store shelves

Many are upset after Harris Teeter said Monday it would pull controversial koozies from its shelves.

It all started when Christy Clark, a former state representative and current candidate for the 98th House District in Lake Norman, tweeted photos of two koozies asking why Harris Teeter is selling them.

One koozie shows a bald eagle holding a gun in its talons and reads “Give me liberty or give me death.” The other shows Thomas Jefferson holding a gun and a copy of the Second Amendment and it reads, “Arms change, rights don’t.”

Clark tweeted at Harris Teeter and parent company Kroger, saying she was disappointed the koozies were being sold at a North Carolina store.

Her tweet reads: “110 Americans die every day from gun violence and most recently children, educators, health care providers, and family members were killed in mass shootings. Please remove them.”

Harris Teeter responded, saying they are recalling them from all store locations and removing them from the shelves. Kroger said it would pass Clark’s request on as well.

“Thanks for reaching out, Christy,” Kroger’s tweet read. “We will tell our leadership about your request that we remove these items from our shelves. We appreciate your feedback.”

The decision has drawn criticism from across the internet. A quick Google search shows articles from numerous outlets -- many conservative -- that have expressed disappointment in the decision.

Part of the blowback came from the current representative for the 98th House District, John Bradford. He called Clark’s actions “her version of ‘political correctness’” and said she chose to “silence” anyone who disagreed with her by turning off the comments on her original tweet.

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