High school football player who is legally blind takes to the field

INDIAN LAND, S.C. — Jordan Diianni, 17, is legally blind and on Indian Land High’s varsity football team as a quarterback for one play in the match up.

He is legally blind as a result of having a stroke as a baby.

Jordan Diianni’s family and his football coach never allowed the disability to keep him off the field.

“He’s not going to do sports like an average kid so just him being able to experience that, which most can’t and don’t,” his mother, Jenny Diianni, said. “It’s great that he can, because they’re so welcoming to him.”

“The one thing I love about football is that it brings people from all different backgrounds,” head coach Adam Hastings said. “It puts them in the locker room where everybody’s together.”

The togetherness is a major reason why Jordan Diiannii loves the game so much. He gets to play and learn the game from some of his best friends.

“Personally, I just ask what’s going on, because there’s a lot going on,” he said. “You have people getting excited on the sidelines in the stands, so if Christian is on the sidelines, I’ll go to Christian and ask ‘What’s going on? Who’s doing what? Who has the ball?”

Jordan Diianni said he loves moments like that on the field because it brings him closer to the team.

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