• Health inspection at Olympic High School describes bugs found

    By: Elsa Gillis


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Olympic High School senior Kayla Weddington was not surprised by the low health inspection score of 79.5 given to her school Friday.

    "It's bad when you're in class and you see a cockroach crawl up your friend's book bag, it's just nasty," Weddington said.

    The school was inspected on May 4, and the health officials found several issues. There were roaches in the main building upstairs, the girl's locker room, and gnats in the shower area. A pungent smell was observed coming from four of the mobile restrooms. The boy’s and men’s restrooms throughout the school reeked of urine.

    "Disgusting," one parent told us. "Like this is what we're bringing our children to?"

    "I'm just really disappointed to hear what's going on in the school," said another parent.

    The health inspection comes days before the CMS Board of Education will vote on the superintendent's budget request, where one of the main focuses is school maintenance.

    The superintendent is asking for $1.8 million for 46 more custodians, another $605,000 for 11 custodians, and three pest control specialists for new schools and added space.

    The board will vote on the budget Tuesday, May 8.

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