• Security questions arise after shooting outside Midnight Diner


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A man was taken to a hospital in a Maserati after he was shot in the back multiple times behind one of South End's most popular restaurants.

    The Midnight Diner on Carson Boulevard was temporarily closed early Monday morning while police investigated a shooting in the parking lot.

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    Police said the shooting appears to be random.

    The shooting in the parking lot outside the diner isn't the first time someone has been hurt at the restaurant.



    After the latest shooting, some customers are saying the Midnight Diner needs to close well before midnight.

    "I definitely think they need to boost the security and stop the 24 hours," Melvin Brown said.

    Brown stopped at the diner for breakfast a few hours after the most recent shooting.

    "It's going to have me second-guessing coming out, but of course that's Charlotte,” Brown said. “But for this area, coming out here and eating every morning, it's definitely having me taking precautions now."

    The man who was shot is expected to survive.

    Channel 9 dug through crime records and found five other alarming cases in the past 12 months.

    The most recent case was in June when police arrested Dontavis Jordan, who they say tried to kill someone in a shooting.

    In March 2016, an employee was threatened with a gun.

    Two months later, a man assaulted an officer by pushing him into a door.

    That same month, a man was shot in the parking lot when he stepped outside.

    In August, police said a fight at the diner led to a shooting on I-77 that seriously hurt two men.

    "A lot of time, people are drunk," Chad Mitchell said. 

    While most of the crimes happen when the bars close, Monday's shooting was at 5 a.m.

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    Channel 9 is asking city leaders and police if they are pressuring the diner to close earlier or step up security. 

     "If this normally happens during those late hours, this may be something they should consider," Mitchell said. 



    Channel 9 watched as investigators placed several evidence markers on the ground in the parking lot and detectives were trying to speak with witnesses.

    Channel 9 also asked the diner if it is going to change its hours or security, but it isn't answering any questions.


    Channel 9 learned the Midnight Diner has its restaurant and parking lot covered with cameras. It also has two off-duty officers working overnight.

    No arrests have been made, and the diner was reopened before noon.

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