Lawsuit claims apartments don't fulfill guidelines for people with disabilities

The federal government is suing several local apartment complexes because officials said they aren't accessible enough for people with disabilities.

We reached out to all of the complexes in our area. According to the lawsuit, each of them are tied to an Ohio-based company. In all, the Justice Department listed 82 apartment complexes in 13 states in the suit.

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We were sent this statement from Miller-Valentine Group, on behalf of CEO Elizabeth Mangan:

"We are currently reviewing the lawsuit and have no specific comments at this time.  Miller-Valentine Operations has been building multifamily communities for more than two decades and has always hired reputable design and engineering firms to ensure compliance with federal, state and local accessibility codes. 

"Miller-Valentine Operations does not engage in or support discrimination in any form, and we look forward to resolving this matter."

Now, there's a push to make changes.

In the video at the top of this webpage, reporter Gina Esposito lays out the allegations.

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