Family still waiting for justice 3 years after son hit by accused drunk driver

UNION COUNTY, N.C. — For more than three years, one local family has been waiting to get justice for their son.

In June 2018, Luke Saxon, who was 11 at the time, was hit by an accused drunk driver while crossing the street to his friend’s house in Union County. Since then, Luke has struggled with severe neurological problems and his family has patiently waited for that driver to go on trial.

But several things, including the pandemic, have delayed the trial multiple times. His family told Channel 9′s Genevieve Curtis that they’re losing faith in the justice system.

It was around 5:30 p.m. on that June day when, from the window, Luke’s mother Lisa saw something no parent should have to see.

“I looked up, I seen Luke flying through the air,” she said.

His parents said Luke landed in a ditch.

“At that moment, he was dead,” his father said.

First responders saved his life, but Luke suffered a traumatic brain injury and spent two months in the hospital. His parents were told to prepare for the worst.

“He is going to live but he’s going to be a vegetable,” his father said.

State Highway Patrol arrested Jedidiah David Crabtree for a DWI and felony serious injury by a vehicle.

“Nothing’s happened since. He’s been free to do whatever,” Luke’s father said.

The Saxons still haven’t had their day in court. They said it was delay after delay before the pandemic, and then they were set to go to trial last month and it was delayed until the beginning of August. And just this week, they said it was delayed again until the end of August.

“Like it’s not important, like his life is not important,” Luke’s father said.

Luke defied the odds and has made progress in his recovery, but life is completely different.

“He’s like a 6-year-old,” Lisa said.

“He’s 14 and think he’s a 6-year-old, basically,” his father said.

Luke had to learn to do everything again. He still needs braces to walk and suffers from seizures. He requires round-the-clock care and the bills are adding up.

The Saxons can’t move forward with a civil case until the criminal case is closed.

“If it wasn’t for friends, family, my customers, I don’t know what we would do. I really don’t,” the boy’s father said.

Channel 9 called to ask the Union County District Attorney’s office about the delay and was told that it would not comment on a pending case. The Saxons said they’ve only been given one explanation, which doesn’t sit well with them.

“It’s not that important as much as other court cases. There are other court cases that are priorities,” Luke’s father said.

The Saxons said they need closure on this case so they can move on emotionally but also physically move from the home with such painful memories.

“It’s been over three years now. It’s ridiculous,“ Lisa said. “Luke deserves justice just like everybody else they put ahead of him.”

A court date has been set for August 23. The Saxons said they have no faith the trial will actually start then.

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