Man on four-wheeler rescued from rising floodwaters

ALEXANDER COUNTY, N.C. — Flash flooding closed several roads Thursday afternoon across the foothills.

In Alexander County, a man had to be rescued after he got trapped by high water while on a four-wheeler.

Channel 9's Dave Faherty spoke with family members, who are thanking rescuers who reached him in time.

The rain turned creeks into raging rivers, and the man who was rescued said he was very fortunate he wasn’t hurt.

Firefighters and rescuers scrambled to reach the man in the rising water along Heavenly Acres Lane south of Taylorsville.

Between 4 and 5 inches of rain fell across Alexander County.

“He had a doctor’s appointment and we came down here to take him to the doctor and we saw that it was flooding,” said Diane Williams, the man’s sister. “I thought it was going to take him on. It took his four-wheeler. His four-wheeler is gone.”

Rain continued to come down Thursday keeping the risk of flooding high.

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