Matthews family creates newscast for kids while homeschooling during pandemic

MATTHEWS, N.C. — Four Matthews siblings have been busy during the pandemic. In between mastering homeschool, the Hoyle children – Chris, Bella, Elle and Matthew – have learned to create their own news broadcast, “KidTastic News and Adventures.”

During the pandemic, their dad Roger started working from home, and the company their mom Marilyn was working for part time closed, so the family decided to homeschool.

They supplemented their curriculum with a production class offered by the Arts and Science Council.

“So the kids do a Zoom every Monday and Wednesday, and they learn how to create a YouTube channel and how to interview, create characters, and get into character, so that’s how we started,” Roger explained.

The kids report from their home studio and shoot on location as well. Roger and Marilyn are in charge of the set and wardrobe.

Watch KidTastic News and Adventures in the video below:

Mom and Dad say the assignments have improved the children’s communication skills and boosted their confidence.

Nine-year-old Chris is the oldest. He’s also picked up on the technical side of the program.

“It’s better if you have good lighting and if you have a green screen you can change your background,” he shared.

Marilyn said the broadcasts have been one of the silver linings in a challenging year.

“We were the family that were out for gymnastics and swim lessons and basketball and cheer practice, and when COVID hit it really brought you inward,” she said. “I feel like I’ve seen a great season of creativity with them, and I am just thankful for that.”

After spending an entire school year from home, the children are now reenrolled at Charlotte Christian where they are excited to return in the fall.