‘Doesn’t seem right’: Mint Hill residents frustrated with inconsistent mail delivery

MINT HILL, N.C. — Some Mint Hill residents said they often come home to empty mailboxes due to delays periodically over several months and even years.

Jim Christenbury walks to his mailbox several times a day and opening an empty mailbox is now part of his daily routine.

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“To have to go six, eight, 10 days with no mail, it just doesn’t seem right,” said Christenbury.

He said his mail started coming late in the day, then not at all.

“I’m missing some bills that the payments are due in the next few days, and I haven’t even received the bill yet,” he explained.

Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke first reported on the mail issue in Mint Hill in 2017 and spoke with Pamela Murray. Eyewitness News reconnected with Murray to learn she dealt with inconsistent delivery until she moved out of Mint Hill in mid-2021.

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“It seemed that the service improved for six to seven months. It got much better, then progressively just started getting worse again,” said Murray.

The USPS points to staffing shortages for the recent delays. A spokesperson told Eyewitness News that employees are working overtime and on Sundays to get mail to customers as soon as possible. Workers from nearby offices also help fill staffing gaps. USPS added that affected customers should see delivery return to normal soon.

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“I just hope they can find a solution because I know I’m not the only person,” said Christenbury.

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