Mother says company sent her Reborn Baby Doll that looks nothing like picture

DAVIDSON, N.C. — A Davidson woman said she did not get a Reborn Baby Doll that was pictured online.

The dolls are very realistic and can look like actual infants.

Action 9 investigator Jason Stoogenke spoke with four people who bought Reborn Baby Dolls recently. They used different companies and told Stoogenke similar stories, that the product did not look anything at all like the photos advertised online.

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Ashley Maylott went on Rebornsshops.com and ordered one for her toddler. She said the company sent her a doll that wasn’t what she ordered.

“I wish I had been on video because I couldn’t believe what was in the package,” she told Stoogenke.

Maylott said she spent about $50 for the doll and asked for her money back.

“That’s a lot of money to some people, especially for a Christmas gift for something that you want your child to be excited about and not what you expected at all,” Maylott said.

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She said the company texted her that it was sorry. It also said the doll sent to her was still cute, so it would only give her 50% back.

Stoogenke emailed the business and less than a day later, Maylott said it promised her a full refund.

Stoogenke reached out to the four companies a week ago to get their sides of the story. None of them responded in time for this news report.