Moving company accused of doubling cost, holding customers’ belongings hostage

CHARLOTTE — Another local moving company is in hot water after being accused of more than doubling prices and holding customers’ belongings hostage.

One family told Channel 9 that they have been waiting more than six months to receive their stuff.

The Kelly family said they moved from California to Texas in July. They said they hired Global Moving LLC, which has an office in Charlotte.

The family said once their belongings were loaded into the moving truck, the price soared and the moving company is now threatening to sell their stuff if they don’t pay.

Brian Kelly said his nearly $6,300 quote doubled.

He said for the last six months, he and his family have been living in their Texas home without any clothes or furniture. They have been sleeping on air mattresses and using lawn chairs inside the home.

The Kellys said Global Moving is demanding they pay almost $13,000 more or their stuff will be sold.

“My wife has MS (Multiple sclerosis). The stress has exacerbated the illness and it is killing her. All of our belongings are gone. Family photos. Furniture. Any artwork we had. College diplomas,” Kelly said.

On Wednesday, a Mecklenburg County judge granted the Kellys a temporary restraining order that forbids Global Moving from selling their belongings. However, it’s not clear when or if they will get their belongings back.

Global Moving LLC did not respond to questions from Channel 9 and no one from the company showed up for Wednesday’s court hearing.

The North Carolina Attorney General’s Office is investigating 31 complaints against the company. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration said they received 37 complaints last year and two already this year.

Channel 9 also discovered that the Better Business Bureau dropped Global Moving’s grade from an A+ to an A-B. The BBB said the overall grade is being reviewed because they are receiving so many complaints against the company.

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