Murder trial begins for man who was focus of 2 shootings, arson

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A trial is scheduled to begin Monday for a man accused in a north Charlotte homicide.

Investigators said Timothy Crumitie shot and killed Michael Gretsinger in an apartment on Chesthunt Place Drive in August of 2016.

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Crumitie is also accused of shooting and injuring Kimberly Cherry at the same scene.

Timothy Crumitie

Channel 9 has followed Crumitie's past for 13 years.

He was charged in 2005 with murdering a former business partner. He spent five years in prison but charges were later dropped for lack of evidence.

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In 2013, Crumitie shot and killed James Blanks. He claimed self-defense, saying Blanks broke into his home and killed his wife.

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In 2014, Crumitie pleaded guilty to insurance fraud after setting his house on fire.

Channel 9 will be in court for the trial and will have updates on wsoctv.com.