Neighbor security cameras - when do their rights invade yours?

CHARLOTTE — Queen City homeowners have reached out to Action 9 every now and then with frustrations about their neighbor’s security cameras pointed at their property. Many claim they feel like they’re under constant surveillance whenever they step outside.

Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke broke down the laws surrounding security cameras so you can know when your neighbor’s rights invade yours.

The law allows neighbors to put up security cameras aimed at parts of your home as long as they can be seen from the outside without stepping on your property. But recording parts of your home that cannot be seen without stepping foot on your property is prohibited.

With these rules come a lot of gray areas. Many bring up the questions: what about your backyard, and what if the camera is able to see inside the home more than someone passing by can?

Legally, the question is if you have a “reasonable expectation” of privacy in the area. If you do, you can present a much stronger case against your neighbor’s security camera pointing that way.

If you’re worried or don’t want to talk to a lawyer right away, Action 9 suggests speaking with your neighbor. If that doesn’t work, you may want to consider bigger shrubs, a fence, or curtains that are less sheer.

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