• Neighborhood on alert after coyote kills cat

    By: Scott Wickersham


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Coyotes have a south Charlotte neighborhood on edge after one of them ate woman's cat.
    Selwyn Farms residents said the coyote problem is getting worse and they are worried the animals may move from hunting cats and small dogs to attacking people.
    Neighbors gathered on a driveway Monday to share their run-ins with coyotes that have been prowling the streets during the day.
    “I was in Freedom Park and one was stalking me and my giant Newfoundland (dog),” Kathryn Mashburn said.
    They are now more concerned after a Heidi Drummond said a coyote killed her cat.
    “It’s very sad. I hope they can do something before, God forbid, a child gets hurt,” Drummond said.
    The women said they called the city and were told there is nothing they can currently do about the coyotes.
    They're considering hiring a trapper on their own as they worry about the animals getting bolder.
    “They walk around even in the day. Front of my yard and everything. They have no fear whatsoever,” Christie McDavid said.
    They're keeping a closer eye on their children and pets, and arming themselves when they venture outside.
    “I carry a golf club. I call it my coyote club,” Elizabeth Drummond said.

    Coyotes are common across Charlotte.
    If they becomes aggressive, officials advise people to back away slowly while yelling and waving their arms or throw rocks or sticks.
    Call 911 to report on aggressive coyotes.

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