• Neighbors meet about noise from Charlotte's airport

    By: Tina Terry


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Noise from Charlotte’s airport is frustrating neighbors in south Charlotte more than ever before.

    They’ve been complaining about noisy jet traffic over their homes for more than a year.

    A roundtable Wednesday night was supposed to take complaints about air traffic noise straight to the Federal Aviation Administration.

    "This doesn't seem to be going anywhere. We've been meeting for about a year. We've thrown a lot of ideas out for consideration,” said Brian Cox, a member of the airport community roundtable.

     Members said the FAA made major changes to flight paths over the last several years that created a highly concentrated highway of air traffic over their homes.

    Cox told Channel 9 the roundtable’s suggestions have been lost in translation.

    “We’re not engineers, which is why the airport is bringing on a technical consultant,” Cox said.

    Members are hoping that consultant can look at their suggestions from a data drive perspective and translate those ideas to the FAA.

    The roundtable met Wednesday at 6 p.m. to talk about that new consultants role.

    Meanwhile, neighbors closer to the airport have new concerns about construction of a new runway.

    The FAA just extended public comment about the new project until July 9. The agency said it encourages people to weigh in with the information found on this website.





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