New scooters on the streets of Charlotte include option for people with mobility impairment

CHARLOTTE — A new brand of electric scooters has found its way to the streets of Charlotte.

Helbiz, a New York-based company, introduced the scooters to the community at an event last week.

In addition to offering e-scooters similar to the ones already rolling around the city, Charlotte will be the first city to have Helbiz’s wheelchair attachment and sit down scooter options for people who have mobility impairments.

In a release, Helbiz said the scooters will offer more accessibility and provide transportation for a wider audience.

The dockless rental scooters are expected to be available for rent this week using the Helbiz app. The e-scooters will be FREE to unlock throughout the month of May, according the Helbiz.

(WATCH BELOW: New electric dockless scooters unveiled in uptown Charlotte)