• SouthPark Mall: Glacier coming down, Christmas tree returning

    By: Joe Bruno


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - SouthPark Mall said they are listening to their customers and adding key elements to the Santa set that will now include a traditional Christmas tree.

    In a statement the mall said that due to shopper feedback, they are removing the glacier and returning to traditional decor. 


    Thousands of Charlotte residents petitioned last week after learning the mall replaced its traditional Christmas tree with what they called a reinvented and modernized experience.

    Officials called it the new Glacier Santa Experience, but it didn't go over too well with some shoppers.

    "It's a good feature but it doesn't replace Christmas," shopper Kurt Korol said.


    Songwriter David Britt and his children felt the same way. He even wrote a song about it.

    Britt’s children told Channel 9 they were shocked when they noticed the display when they stopped by the mall this week.

    "Me and my sister saw the glacier and we were like, 'What's that?'" Wright Britt said.

    "I felt really sad because I had been going to SouthPark mall since I was little to sit on Santa’s lap behind the Christmas tree and it felt really different this year," Charlotte Britt said.

    They shared the catchy tune with thousands of people on YouTube and more than 21,000 people signed a petition encouraging SouthPark mall to bring the Christmas tree back.

    On Saturday evening, the mall announced on Twitter it would bring back the traditional tree.


    Shoppers petition for SouthPark Mall to bring back Christmas tree

    There will be no giant Christmas tree displayed in SouthPark Mall for the first time this holiday season.

    A mall employee told Channel 9 the tree was replaced by a glacier-type display for photos this season.


    Channel 9 broke this story on Twitter Friday morning. 

    We reached out to mall officials for a comment and they responded with following statement:

    "SouthPark is thrilled to be among the first wave of Simon centers to receive the new 'Glacier' Santa experience. The reinvented and modernized experience will bring the Charlotte community together in a way that hasn’t been done before. Simon values tradition, and that’s exactly why we wanted to refresh and modernize our holiday experience at SouthPark to keep the tradition fresh and exciting. This new experience will delight our shoppers and their families with fun and interactive elements, including a sound and light show every 30 minutes. We’re aiming to create a magical experience – something truly different and fun for families to enjoy together this year and for years to come."

    Last year, the SouthPark Mall featured a Christmas display with a Christmas tree.

    Shoppers told Channel 9 they are disappointed in the decision to replace a tree with a glacier.

    "That is absolutely absurd. There should be a Christmas tree with lights," one shopper said.

    What are your thoughts on the new display for the holiday season? Head over to our Facebook page and leave your comments.

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