Nonprofit provides grant for couple facing infertility

The local nonprofit Bundle of Joy helps couples facing infertility with resources that provides options and answers.

Amy and Jojo Hall said their journey to have their 5-month-old child, Knox, was not easy.

“The cost of it all is almost more than I make in a year,” Jojo Hall said.

Amy Hall, a teacher, and Jojo Hall, a Charlotte firefighter, scraped together every penny they could for infertility treatments, which are not covered by insurance.

“Everyone deserves to be able to start their own family and without those benefits, it makes it near impossible for so many of us,” Amy Hall said.

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The Halls were able to undergo another round of treatment thanks to a grant from the Bundle of Joy Fund.

“Without their help, we wouldn’t have Mr. Knox,” Amy Hall said. Samantha Busch and her husband, NASCAR driver Kyle Busch, founded the Bundle of Joy nonprofit because of their struggles with infertility.

“Most couples will spend upwards of $56,000 to bring home a healthy baby,” Samantha Busch said.

She wrote “Fighting Infertility” to candidly share the couple’s journey.


“I’m not going to sugar coat it or take out the ugly parts, because this isn’t an Instagram highlight reel. This is what infertility looks like,” Busch said.

She hopes that by sharing their experience it will encourage more couples to seek help without shame.