Charlotte airport officials say in-flight confrontations on the rise, mostly because of masks

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Thirty-three million Americans are expected to travel this holiday weekend, and in-flight confrontations are on the rise, mostly because of masks.

It has not been the friendly skies since the pandemic began, and the numbers at Charlotte Douglas International Airport show that there has not been a letup in the number of passengers who are misbehaving.

The Labor Day holiday is one of the busiest weekend of the year at Charlotte Douglas. Airport officials said that traffic has officially returned to pre-pandemic levels.

What has not returned is civility, according to safety reports released by the airport. There have been 369 reports of passenger misconduct on aircraft. More than a third of them have been related to refusal to wear a mask.

Flight attendants said they don’t like wearing masks either, but it’s necessary to protect everyone on board.

“We believe in the science ... continue to support that,” said Paul Hartshorn, of the Association of Professional Flight Attendants.

Another big issue is alcohol -- 27 people were flagged for being intoxicated.

(WATCH BELOW: Airlines may revoke flying privileges for passengers who don’t wear masks)