Outsmarting the system if stimulus check payment status ‘not available’

Outsmarting the system if stimulus check payments status says 'not available'

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A lot of people are still waiting for their stimulus checks.

Even more frustrating, some visit IRS.gov, check the “Get My Payment” tool and it says, “payment status not available.”

“It’s very, just very frustrating,” Sandy Hall told Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke. “It’s horrible. We’re so tight on money that it’s ridiculous.”

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Forbes has posted an article called “9 Potential Hacks to Escape IRS ‘Payment Status Not Available’ Purgatory and Track Your Stimulus Check.” A lot of the “tricks” deal with how you type your address. Try typing it in all caps or type “N” instead of “North” or “St.” or “St" instead of “Street."

Copy how it appears on your tax return or USPS.com.

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If you filed your taxes jointly, try only the first person’s name. Try using a different browser. Try the “tricks” by themselves, but also try them together, like typing all caps and abbreviating streets.

The "Get My Payment” tool only lets you try to log in three times each day, so choose your “tricks” wisely.

Many in NC still waiting on stimulus money