Perennial candidate makes bid for City Council At-Large spot on Republican ballot

Charlotte — Five Republican candidates are asking for voter’s support as they vie to represent Charlotte as City Council At-Large representatives.

Kyle Luebke, David Merrill, Charlie Mulligan, Carrie Olinski and David Michael Rice are on the primary election ballot. None have elected experience in the city.

The top four at-large candidates will move on to the General Election.

This week, the Political Beat’s Joe Bruno spoke with the candidate who calls himself ‘Lord God King’ but will appear on the ballot as David Michael Rice.

“I put this crown on for TV stuff,” Rice told Channel 9.

Rice is bidding to be the first Republican candidate elected to represent Charlotte in the At-Large position since 2009.

“I think I was born for this,” he said. “I think I belong in politics.”

Rice makes a run for office almost every election season. Whether it be city council or soil and water conservation district officer, he wants to lead.

His past losses don’t deter him and he has no intention of slowing down.

“Sooner or later, I will win,” Rice said. “If I don’t win, I will set up my own government.”

It may be a long shot, but if elected, Rice said one of his top priorities is to end street racing in uptown.

“We have a lot of speeders coming through uptown, speeders, lawlessness and no one seems to get anything done,” Rice said.

The Political Beat has interviewed all Charlotte City Council At-Large candidates ahead of the May 17 primary. Find our full coverage here --> bit.ly/39lHSOh

>> On Sunday at 11:30 a.m., the Political Beat’s Joe Bruno talks with David Michael Rice about his aspirations for elected office and his top priorities if given a chance to lead.

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