Plaza Midwood road reopens after pipe repair, officials say

CHARLOTTE — A significant portion of Central Avenue in Plaza Midwood reopened Wednesday after Charlotte Water repaired a water pipe that broke more than a week ago.

Charlotte Water said pipe repairs have been completed after the leak near the 1300 block of Central Avenue at Lamar Avenue. If weather allows, road paving should begin Wednesday morning and be completed by the afternoon, Charlotte Water said in a tweet.

It’s a project that has impacted thousands of drivers and businesses along the usually congested street. Crews were replacing wastewater pipes under the 1300 block of Central Avenue at Lamar Avenue.

Charlotte Water told Channel 9 that a customer called about problem on July 8 at a manhole on Central Avenue. A rapid response crew went to the scene and later found a pipe leaking sewage 17 feet below the ground.

Crews replaced the wastewater manhole, because the brick structure beginning to break, Charlotte Water said. They had to remove storm water pipes to complete that work and now those need to be replaced. Twenty feet of drinking water pipe is also be relocated and put back in service, Charlotte Water said.

(WATCH: July 15 update from Charlotte Water)

In an update last week, Charlotte Water said crews will rebuild the road by adding new soil to it and compacting it so it’s ready to be repaved. Crews planned to mill and pave the road, restripe it and reopen it late Tuesday or Wednesday, weather permitting, Charlotte Water said.

A detour was in place as crews make repairs. Drivers who pass through the area was detoured onto Parkwood Avenue via The Plaza or Hawthorne Lane.

Drivers and businesses felt the impact during the first few days Central Avenue was shut down.

“We had no idea that it was going to happen,” said James Corwin at Moo & Brew.

Crews were digging a large hole in front of the restaurant on Central Avenue in order to replace the leaking pipe.

“We’re not doing anywhere near as much takeout because it’s hard for people to get here,” said Corwin.

It also impacted businesses like Sanctuary Imports, a shop that sells metaphysical goods, art, jewelry, crystals and more. They share a parking lot with Moo & Brew and other businesses, but it’s now blocked off.

“It has locked us into where people can’t get to us and they don’t know how to get to our parking,” Josie Waters, who works there, said.

The shop expanded two weeks ago hoping to get more customers to stop by. However, the construction is putting a strain on that.

“It hurts us,” Waters said. “For our day-to-day business.”

She and other businesses owners said they are staying open and hope the project wraps up soon.

“I hope that they get it done on time,” Corwin added.

Traffic Team 9 breaks down alternate routes

All the construction has caused a headache for drivers as it’s nearly impossible to drive down Central Avenue.

>> In the video below, Traffic Team 9′s Mark Taylor explains how to get around the construction.

Charlotte Water said in part in a statement, “We are very sorry for the inconvenience and tried alternatives to minimize the impact on customers. There are multiple utilities underground that made setting up temporary pumps a challenge to keep wastewater flowing around the broken pipes.”

A spokesperson went on to say, “Crews are working as quickly as possible to replace the pipe and restore normal conditions to the area.”

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