• CMPD: Robber holds up armored car employee, runs into woods

    By: Greg Suskin


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Dozens of officers swarmed a busy area near North Tryon Street and Eastway Drive just minutes after a Dunbar armored truck was robbed at gunpoint around noon Friday.
    Police said a man dressed all in black and a ski mask pulled a gun on an employee and demanded money.

    IMAGES: Scene of armored truck robbery in north Charlotte
    He took a bag with a large amount of cash and ran across Tryon Street with the money and a gun, and disappeared into the woods.
    Justin Wallace was working nearby when it all happened. He saw police cruisers flying into the area.
    “We just heard a bunch of commotion, a bunch of cops headed over here. Heard somebody robbed an armored truck and ran back in these woods,” Wallace said.
    The police chopper was overhead while dogs worked a trail on the ground. Nearby MLK Middle School was also placed on lockdown for less than 30 minutes.

    CHOPPER 9: Heavy police presence in north Charlotte
    About 15 minutes after police blanketed the street, 32-year-old Deron Mackie walked out of the woods as about 20 officers surrounded the area near a car wash. Police Capt. Rob Dance said it looked like he just gave up.
    “The suspect saw the police set up in a close perimeter around this location, and walked out,” Dance said.
    Police dogs found the money bag and the gun in the woods. They also found the black clothes detectives believe Mackie was wearing during the crime before he changed.

    CHOPPER 9: Armored truck robbed in north Charlotte
    He is charged with robbery with a deadly weapon. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department would not tell channel 9 how much money was in the bag taken from the armored truck.

    There is a very narrow strip of trees and brush near the ATM in the Family Dollar parking lot. Chanel 9 crews saw police detectives taking pictures in those trees. It's possible the suspect might have been waiting there to rob the truck.
    Channel 9 tried to speak with the two men in the Dunbar Armored Truck. Neither of them would comment.

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