Alleged gunman broadcasts video on social media of fatal Albemarle shooting

ALBEMARLE, N.C. — Police in Albemarle said a man was shot and killed Monday morning after an argument outside the VFW on Anderson Road.

The deadly shooting was broadcasted in a video on Snapchat.

"It was surprising to us that someone would videotape the alleged incident that occurred," Albemarle Capt. David Dulin said.

Officers responded to East Main Street near Anderson Road around 10:30 a.m., where they found a man lying in the roadway.

Police said Jason Dennis Braley died after being shot multiple times.

The actual shooting is not on the video, but you do see the victim laying on the ground and Webster all but admits guilt.

Channel 9 spoke to the manager of a body shop just a couple of hundred yards away from the VFW.

“We had a lady come in, just drove up after it happened, and said there’s a body in the middle of the road down there,” Doug Helms said.

Officers said they've charged Hasan Webster of Badin with first-degree murder. Officers said he was still on scene when they arrived.

Hasan Webster

“As officers arrived the suspect was still on scene, spoke with officers, explained what happened and we took the investigation from there,” Albemarle Police Capt. David Dulin said.

Police said Braley and Webster got into a heated argument that led to the shooting.

Early Monday afternoon Braley’s family and friends gathered on the corner near where his body was found.

Police have not said what led to the argument, but whatever it was, Helms said it couldn’t have been worth the loss of life.

“That's what this world's coming to nowadays,” Helms said. “People just jump to that. They don't try to work things out. They just shoot each other.  It's a shame.”

Webster was transported to the Stanly County Jail.

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