Police say two groups had ongoing dispute days before deadly shooting in Steele Creek

CHARLOTTE — A mother is desperate for answers as to why someone shot and killed her 16-year-old son in Steele Creek.

On June 21, police said Jeferson Cantarero, 16, was found shot to death inside a vehicle at an apartment complex on Branchview Drive near East Arrowood Road. An 18-year-old was also hurt in the shooting.

Weeks after the shooting, authorities arrested Noe Chinchilla, 27, in Austin, Texas for the murder.

“I always remember with a smile and the conversations we had together. The dreams that we both have,” Jeferson’s mother, Neydin Cantarero, said through a translator.

During a Tuesday news conference, CMPD shared an update on the investigation, saying there was an ongoing dispute between two groups days before the shooting.

“There was an ongoing dispute between two groups of young Hispanic males that had taken place several days prior to the incident,” said Sgt. Eddy Quevedo.

CMPD said there was urgency to catch the gunman after authorities heard of the ongoing tension within the Hispanic community in that part of Steele Creek and worried it could lead to more violence.

“It was a call for everyone to calm down, and to let the actual justice process take,” Quevedo said.

“It’s a call to parents to get more involved in our children’s lives,” said Officer Claudio Jimenez.

The Cantarero family said they’re relieved to finally have some answers.

“Relief, you know. I would say relief and knowing at some point justice will be served,” Neydin Cantarero said.

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